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Preventative Maintenance Service
Infrared Inspection Services - Dearborn, MI
Your Partner in Electrical Service and Maintenance for 60 Years

Preventative Maintenance Service Program
Infrared Inspection Services mi
Preventative Maintenance Service Program
Preventative Maintenance Service Program
Preventative Maintenance Service Program
  • Avoid Disastrous Electrical Failures.
  • Protect Personnel and Equipment.
  • Maximize Energy Efficiency.
  • Reduce Electrical Bills.
  • Qualify for Insurance Company Rebates.

The Risk

All electrical equipment begins a normal process of deterioration immediately after installation. Unchecked, this deterioration can cause malfunction or electrical failure. A hostile environment, overload, or severe duty accelerates this deterioration. Deterioration is only one cause of malfunction and failure. These hazards can also follow load changes or additions, circuit alterations, improperly set or selected protective devices, or changing voltage conditions. Whatever the cause, the end results are the same: compromised safety, lost production, abnormally high usage, and costly repairs. Think about your facility: the equipment, the people, and the investment in raw materials and processes. Can you afford the risk?

The Problematic Solution

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to eliminate these hazards: effective preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, effective preventative maintenance isn’t that easy. While the value of preventative maintenance is undisputed, few companies possess the necessary expertise and resources to plan and implement an effective program:
  • Most maintenance teams are trained in problem solving … not routine inspection and prevention.
  • Few maintenance teams have the tools, knowledge, or time to perform comprehensive inspection, testing, and analysis.
  • Even with the necessary staff and resources, implementing an effective in-house preventative maintenance program is often not feasible or cost-effective.

The True Solution

Electrex Industrial Solutions, southeastern Michigan’s premier commercial and industrial electrical service company for 60 years, provides comprehensive and cost-effective Preventative Maintenance Service Programs. Customers from small shops to major industrial facilities depend on us to monitor and maintain their primary service, welding service, and general electric service. They understand the value and peace of mind that results from our electrical expertise and experience working for them.

The Approach

Round-the-clock production or one shift; multi-week, hundred-thousand dollar batches or costly, precision, single parts; regulatory demands for controlled environments or cavernous facilities hosting a multitude of manufacturing. Your unique processes require a particular approach. Thus, our electrical maintenance professionals work with you to design a program that keeps your vital processes uninterrupted, and your personnel and facility investment safe. Depending on your particular needs, our service experts will make regularly scheduled visits to your facility to inspect and maintain your electrical systems and equipment including switchgear, panel boards, and capacitors. The service includes:
  • Visual inspection for loose connections, cooling oil leaks, corrosion, and physical damage.
  • Measurement or evaluation of critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation.
  • Testing of services, disconnects, and floating power correction capacitors for proper loading.
  • Infrared thermographic scans to non-evasively identify dangerous hot spots.
  • Cleaning of dust and debris from inside all services and switchgear.
  • Lubrication of moving parts.
  • Tightening of loose connections.
  • Evaluation of compliance to code.
  • Review of electric bills to identify energy over-use and rate codes relevant to usage.
  • Analysis of inspection, testing findings and review.
  • Recommendations for problem resolution or system enhancement.

Infrared Inspection Services – Equipment, Buildings, HVAC, and More

Preventative Maintenance Service Program
Preventative Maintenance Service Program

Electrex Industrial has been conducting professional commercial and industrial IR inspections throughout Michigan for many years. We can meet any company’s national infrared inspection requirements. We provide essential documentation inspections for insurance, regulatory and/or safety compliance.

These are the types of commercial and industrial IR inspections services we offer:

  • Infrared machine inspection
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Solar panel inspections
  • Energy inspection
  • Infrared building inspection
  • HVAC inspection
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Automation equipment inspection

Infrared Thermographic Inspection Described

Infrared thermographic inspection is the process of photographing the heat exchange/loss of machinery and facilities. The result is a “thermogram”, an image capturing an object’s thermographic properties. Because thermograms document the excessive heat radiating from an object or facility, once-invisible problems, indiscernible but dangerous trends, and unsafe conditions become readily apparent. Detect and correct operational abnormalities and problems when they’re still small, before they cause a large loss of time and money …. or even human life.

Electrex’s Infrared Thermographic Inspection Process

Infrared Scanning

Our experts will first infrared scan your facility’s equipment. Types of equipment that benefit from infrared thermographic inspection include primary services, disconnects, bus ducts, transformers, and lighting panels, as well as, production machinery drives, and motor control centers.


We’ll then interpret the temperatures on these thermograms, and differentiate between a normal amount of heat and a temperature that signals problems. We’ll pinpoint the exact component or subassembly that is failing.

Sample Infrared Inspection Report


Isolating and identifying the abnormality is a good start, but peace of mind – and uninterrupted productivity – can only come with repair. Thus, after we find the problems, we’ll recommend a course of action to ensure maximum productivity and safety.

Correct and Confirm

We can perform the necessary maintenance, and will then reinspect to ensure optimal operation. From switchgears and transformers to motors and lighting panels, we’ll find and fix electrical abnormalities before they become expensive problems, and before they threaten productivity or even human life.

The Importance of Electrical Equipment Inspection

Electrical equipment normally produces some heat. As a component begins to fail or a connection corrodes or vibrates loose, electrical resistance increases; components heat up. Any excess heat is detrimental. In the worst case, it leads to fire. At a minimum, it increases operating costs, because a portion of the electricity consumed is being converted into useless, harmful heat.

Increased operating costs are only one concern. More significantly, increasing heat threatens system components. For example, heat buildup in an electric motor not only indicates a problem, but also accelerates general failure of the motor. This is a situation where the noninvasive inspection of infrared thermography is really beneficial. A thermogram can quickly identify the heat buildup – perhaps in this case a single worn bearing – before it causes the failure of other, more costly components nearby, or leads to fire.

Electrex for Infrared Inspection

Our cost-effective approach offers these important advantages:

  • non-destructive inspections-require no equipment disassembly
  • no equipment downtime-inspections performed with equipment operating as usual

You benefit by:

  • minimizing the amount of energy consumed
  • prolonging the life of your equipment, plants, and buildings
  • preventing costly downtime during emergency repairs
  • ensuring the safety of everyone in your buildings

Come to Electrex Industrial Solutions, as your single source for industrial, commercial, and institutional preventative maintenance/IR services.

Our Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Service Program offers the following services:

  1. Visual inspection to look for worn or damaged electrical equipment
  2. Inspect equipment for loose connections, burnt wires, discolored copper, aluminum bars, as well as, foreign matter and debris.
  3. Test power quality, check for proper amperage readings, as well as, overload conditions on all electrical components.
  4. Check for “Hot Spots” which can cause fire and equipment failure using advanced infrared technology by a certified Electrex Thermographer.
  5. Inspect high-voltage terminations and equipment. Inspect transformers for oil leaks and provide oil analysis.
  6. Check and test power correction capacitors for proper operation.
  7. Verify that electrical components satisfy manufacturer specifications.
  8. Inspect for safety and National Electric Code (N.E.C.) violations.
  9. Analyze your electrical bills for money saving options.
  10. Provide a detailed, illustrated, written report.

The Results

Safety, protection of personnel and equipment, risk minimization, maximized energy efficiency, insurance company rebates … the benefits of the Electrex Industrial Solutions Preventative Maintenance Service Program are undeniable. The actual savings our service will provide for you is incalculable … how do you quantify peace of mind?

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