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Transformer Inspection Service
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Electrex Industrial will provide you with transformer inspections on all types from dry-type transformers to oil-filled primary service transformers up to 40kv.

Dry Transformers

Dry-type and Oil-filled Transformers

Typically, dry-type transformers are used for sub-panels, distribution centers, machines or for controls, and for primary services in some situations. These transformers will be become coated with dust, weld dust and external debris which may cause a failure. Loosening of lugs and cable may incur from heat expansion, over time. Oil-filled transformers; typically, outdoor primary service transformers, from 480 volts to 40,000 volts and up to 5000kva. These transformers need more attention due to the outdoor elements and the risk of oil loss from rust and seal failures.

Transformer Visual Inspection

This includes looking for signs of damage, oil loss, rust, wiring issues or failure indicators. All transformers will be inspected inside the terminate areas and on the outside of the units. For pad mount transformers we inspect the pads for cracking and sinking.

Transformer Cleaning and Tightening

This includes vacuuming the interior of the transformer and the exterior area around the transformers, cloth and spray cleaning of cables and components, and tightening of cable lugs, or buss bar bolts for both the primary and secondary sides. At this point, we document any issues related to wire or buss connections.

Transformer Oil Sampling

This procedure is for the fluid filled transformers. We will recover a sample of the oil and have it tested for several containments such as moisture, acid, PCBs and a visual inspection of color, which tells us if the interior is breaking down.

We Also Offer: Infrared-Thermographic Imaging

To discover overheating of terminations, cables and windings. We will take a standard picture of your equipment and an infrared thermogram to show where the exact problem is located. Along with the photo, we measure the temperature and this will give you an idea on how serious of a problem it is. We then give you our recommendations on repairing the problem and how soon, before failure or potential fires will incur. You will receive a full report on all hot spots.

Power Quality Survey

Turns Ratio Testing

The turns ratio of a transformer describes the number of wire turns on the input versus the number of turns on the output. A 1:1 transformer would have the same number of turns on each coil while a 1:2 transformer would have twice as many on the secondary. This allows us to know if there are shorted turns in the windings or insulation breakdown, which will result in a major failure.

Transformer Replacement and Repairs

As a licensed electrical contractor, we are able to repair the problems found with your transformer or replace it completely. We are a turn-key contractor, meaning all aspects and equipment that is needed to perform the job is handled by us. (transformers, cranes, transportation, disposal, etc.) We work with all major manufacturers on new and reconditioned transformers. If you are a DTE or Consumers’ Energy Primary Customer and your transformer requires DTE or Consumers Energy to be involved, we will contact them and make arrangements to work side-by side with them, through the process.

Concrete Pad Replacement

If your pad mount transformer is sinking or needs to be replaced for any reason, we are capable of removing your transformer, remove and replace the concrete pad and replace your transformer in as little as 36-48 hours.

Safety Barrier Installation

This would include bollards, railing, fencing and concrete walls to protect your transformers, inside or outside. As with the turn-key transformer replacements, we handle the project from start to finish.

Transformer Relocations

If your transformer needs to be completely removed and relocated, we are a turn-key electrical contractor so we can do both, remove and relocate it and run all necessary power for the relocation. All transformer inspections can be done any day of the week and even overnight. Please contact Electrex Industrial, for more details and a free onsite evaluation.