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Solar Panel Installation - Solar Panels
Michigan Commercial Buildings, Factories, and Plants
Renewable Energy with Expert Electrical Installation

Solar energy equipment and maintenance has never been more affordable with greater electrical output, and efficiency. We are at the forefront of solar (PV) technology, working with Michigan factories, manufacturing, and commercial businesses who have already turned roof space into assets, reducing overhead costs. The ease of scalability and quick deployment of solar panel systems ensures businesses can start seeing real returns very quickly with no disruption to daily operations. Our solar energy experience with existing technology has not stopped us from adopting, and mastering, new technology. We can be your one-stop provider for all of your solar/renewable energy needs. From all the solar equipment and services to perform design, electrical installation, and maintenance for your renewable energy systems, we can provide your full range of solar components including:
  • Solar Panels & Racks
  • Batteries
  • Professional Installation
  • Turnkey Services
  • Solar Lighting
  • Solar Inverters
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering Services – Design and Build Services
Electrex Industrial in Harrison Township, MI, near Detroit, will show you the numerous benefits of renewable power for your commercial or industrial facility. Start your independence from the electrical grid now. Call Electrex Industrial Solutions at 1-800-973-9266 today.

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