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Factory, Plant Safety, Regulatory Compliance Consulting
OSHA/ANSI Safety Machine Guarding

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We Review, Recommend, Design & Install

Rexcon Controls knows the myriad of governmental regulations that the typical factory must adhere to for legal, ongoing operations. OSHA and ANSI have strict safety requirements, and our compliance experts will interpret them for your operations and for your production machines, presses, and equipment.

As industrial regulatory and compliance consultants, we can review your current or proposed production environments and outline and implement the conditions necessary to ensure OSHA and ANSI compliance.

As systems integrators, we will design and install factory equipment that meets and exceeds the regulatory requirements with the proper safety machine guarding for compliance.

Understanding and meeting these regulations is an integral part of your success. Let our knowledge work for you. Start the process by calling 1- 800-973-9266 to speak with one of our safety and regulatory consultants.

Safety and Manufacturing Production Partners

If you are seeking to optimize machine operations while assuring the highest level of safety, Rexcon Controls can be a valued partner. Since 1989, Rexcon Controls has been developing innovative and reliable machine and press control systems. Our products offer solutions that encompass technical, ecological, personal, and economical safety. We have many satisfied customers represent a diverse and ever-growing number of industries – from automotive, to appliance, to food processing and hazardous waste material processing.

Our products and services are equally diverse. They include:

  • Tonnage Monitoring
  • OSHA Safety Machine Guarding
  • Stamping Press Guarding
  • Machine and Press Controls
  • System Integration
  • Die Protection
  • Perimeter Guarding
  • Brake Monitoring
  • Data Collection
  • Regulatory Consulting

While our factory automation products set the standard for innovative and practical machine controls, it is our approach to being your business partner that you’ll find the most unique and welcome.

Experience Counts

The foundation of our business is expertise. Rexcon Controls personnel offer over a century of combined experience. We understand and develop automation and control products to meet your requirements – products that set industry standards for performance and reliability.

Use of our products is uncomplicated. From clear ordering information and operational instructions to factory expertise is a phone call away and we stand ready to support you.

Installation Support

Our expertise extends to installation and maintenance. We offer turn-key systems installation, from entire press rooms to retrofitting individual pieces of factory automation equipment. Our years of experience result in projects that are on time and within budget.

Optimizing your business is our business. By offering such services as maintenance contracts, updates with the latest technological improvements, and training to help your people maximize your investment, our expertise helps ensure your company’s efficiency is an ongoing process.

Rexcon Controls is Proud to be a Leader in the Machine and Press Controls Industry.