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Preventative Maintenance for Transformers, Switchgear
Infrared Testing - Power Analysis - Reports

  • An Overview of Power Quality Issues

    Overview of Power Quality Issues
    For over 60 years, Electrex Industrial Solutions has helped businesses understand their power systems, and address the disturbances with equipment that negates its impact. When you understand the importance of power quality, you’ll see how easily this vital utility can work against you.
  • Power Quality Analysis

    Power Quality Analysis
    Our Power Quality Analysis of your electrical systems and equipment, especially when coupled with our PMSP, will give us a precise picture of the electrical environment of your company. As you partner with us over time, we will develop an accurate historical profile of your electrical infrastructure – system and equipment changes, maintenance history, and trends – arming us with the knowledge required to meet your evolving company needs.
  • Transformer Inspections

    Transformer Inspections
    We will provide you with transformer inspections on all transformer types from 3kva control transformers to primary service transformers up to 40kv.
  • Infrared Thermographic Inspection

    Infrared Thermographic Inspectio
    Infrared thermographic inspection is the process of photographing the heat exchange/loss of machinery and facilities. The result is a “thermogram”, an image capturing an object’s thermographic properties. Because thermograms document the excessive heat radiating from an object or facility, once-invisible problems, indiscernible but dangerous trends, and unsafe conditions become readily apparent.
  • Preventative Maintenance Service Program

    Preventative Maintenance Service Program
    Comprehensive and cost-effective Preventative Maintenance Service Programs are available from Electrex Industrial Solutions. Customers from small shops to major industrial facilities depend on us to monitor and maintain their primary service, welding service, and general electric service. They understand the value and peace of mind that results from our electrical expertise and experience working for them.