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RexTouch™ Palm Button
An Innovative Machine & Press Emergency Stop

When existing technology falls short, we innovate. An excellent example of Electrex and Rexcon innovation: the RexTouch™ Palm Button increases employee productivity and employee safety.

Existing machine cycle buttons cause operator stress, aches and pains, even aggravated injury such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Electrex and Rexcon’s solution to this problem is a simple, innovative emergency stop button that allows for safe, low-force actuation from any user position. There are over a quarter of a million RexTouch™ Palm Button actuators installed worldwide, each with a life-cycle of a million actuations. That’s a quarter of a billion actuations offering the benefits of lower medical expenses and increased productivity.

Purchased separately or as part of our custom assembled runbar, RexTouch™ provides flawless safety performance. Durability and advanced functionality are ready for your toughest factory/Industrial application. Just reach out and touch RexTouch™ today!


RexTouch™ Palm Button Features

  • Easy to upgrade with RexTouch™ safety palm button – dimensions are compatible with old-style pushbuttons (FS Style Mounting Pattern)
  • Operates from any position – eliminating repetitive stress
  • Applying 1.9 lbs of force causes contacts to transfer immediately (contacts cannot be “teased” as with some shallow contact block designs)
  • EMI & RMI immune – ensures phones, radios, pagers, intercoms and other electronic devices will not interfere with safe operation
  • Cannot be activated by variances in power, dust or other objects in proximity to the operator
  • Cycle life = 1 million

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