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Infrared Thermographic Inspection
Your Partner in Electrical Service

Infrared Thermographic Inspection
Infrared Thermographic Inspection
  • Prevent Costly Equipment Failures
  • Inspect for Problems Without Disrupting Production or Facility Use
  • Ensure Safety and Efficiency

Infrared Thermographic Inspection

Infrared thermographic inspection is the process of photographing the heat exchange/loss of machinery and facilities. The result is a “thermogram”, an image capturing an object’s thermographic properties. Because thermograms document the excessive heat radiating from an object or facility, once-invisible problems, indiscernible but dangerous trends, and unsafe conditions become readily apparent.

Infrared Thermographic Inspection is ideal for:

  • monitoring electrical equipment for early signs of component failure
  • performing routine inspection and maintenance
  • documenting inspections for insurance, regulatory and/or safety compliance
Detect and correct operational abnormalities and problems when they’re still small, before they cause a large loss of time and money …. or even human life.

Electrex’s Infrared Thermographic Inspection Service

Infrared Scanning

Our experts will first infrared scan your facility’s equipment. Types of equipment that benefit from infrared thermographic inspection include primary services, disconnects, bus ducts, transformers, and lighting panels, as well as, production machinery drives and motor control centers.


We’ll then interpret the temperatures on these thermograms, and differentiate between a normal amount of heat and a temperature that signals problems. We’ll pinpoint the exact component or subassembly that is failing.

Sample Infrared Thermographic Inspection Report


Isolating and identifying the abnormality is a good start, but peace of mind – and uninterrupted productivity – can only come with repair. Thus, after we find the problems, we’ll recommend a course of action to ensure maximum productivity and safety.

Correct and Confirm

We’ve been in the business of electrical maintenance and repair since 1957. We can perform the necessary maintenance, and will then reinspect to ensure optimal operation. From switchgears and transformers to motors and lighting panels, we’ll find and fix operational abnormalities – before they become expensive problems, and before they threaten productivity or even human life.

The Importance of Electrical Equipment Inspection

Electrical equipment normally produces some heat. As a component begins to fail or a connection corrodes or vibrates loose, electrical resistance increases; components heat up. Any excess heat is detrimental. In the worst case, it leads to fire. At a minimum, it increases operating costs, because a portion of the electricity consumed is being converted into useless, harmful heat. Increased operating costs are only one concern. More significantly, increasing heat threatens system components. For example, heat buildup in an electric motor not only indicates a problem, but also accelerates general failure of the motor. This is a situation where the noninvasive inspection of infrared thermography is really beneficial. A thermogram can quickly identify the heat buildup – perhaps in this case a single worn bearing – before it causes the failure of other, more costly components nearby, or leads to fire.

Electrex for Infrared Inspection

Our cost-effective approach offers these important advantages:
  • non-destructive inspections-require no equipment disassembly
  • no equipment downtime-inspections performed with equipment operating as usual
You benefit by:
  • minimizing the amount of energy consumed
  • prolonging the life of your equipment
  • preventing costly downtime during emergency repairs
  • ensuring the safety of everyone in your buildings

Electrex for Infrared Inspection and Beyond

Since 1957, our customers have depended on us for installation, maintenance, and repair of all types of commercial and industrial electrical equipment. Now we’re also your single source for thermographic inspection and follow-up. We know which images to capture, and how to analyze and interpret them. Most importantly, we’ll follow our expert inspection with expert repair. Come to Electrex Industrial Solutions, your single source for industrial, commercial, and institutional infrared thermographic inspection.